Faith Evans at BLINK Lashes. Brows. Beauty

2548 Larkin Rd Suite 121, Lexington, KY, 40503

Faith Evans at BLINK Lashes. Brows. Beauty

2548 Larkin Rd Suite 121

Lexington, KY, 40503

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Lashing Tuesday... my essentials 😂 sugar free Red Bull, starbs, allllll the hand sanitizers, tweezers and superbonder duh #xtremelashes#lashesfordays#blinkbabe#essential#sharethelex#lexingtonky#kyesthetician#blinklash_bbb#caligirlnowinkentucky#
Brow Lamination.... ladies! This is it! This process helps crazy brows that never want to stay in place, the brows that are too curly or have a difficult growth pattern! I am so happy to now be offering this! #browlamination#lacquerbrowlamination#certifiedbrowartist#lexingtonky#sharethelex#blinkbabe#browsare life#blinklash_bbb#caligirlnowinkentucky#browsbrowsbrows
A fluffy volume set 😍 a natural volume set can enhance what you already have!#blinkbabe#kyesthetician#sharethelex#shoplocal#supportsmallbusiness #xtremelashes#volumation#caligirlnowinkentucky#blinklash_bbb#lashextensions#browsarelife❤️❤️#lashesdarklikemysoul#kysmallbusiness#kentuckyesthetician#goals @ Faith Evans at BLINK Lash Brow Beauty Bar
When it’s finally time to catch up,to talk about everything and to get LASHES! @mrs_smofitness loved seeing your face today! #sharethelex#xtremelashes#blinkbabe#newnormal#bossbabes#supportlocal#volumation#fluffy#girlgang#blinklash_bbb#lexingtonky#caligirltokentucky# Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) THE NEW GUIDELINES PER THE GOVERNOR

VERSION 1.0 – Effective May 25, 2020 Requirements for Barbers/Cosmetologists/Hair Salons
In addition to the Healthy at Work Minimum Requirements, barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must meet the requirements below in order to reopen and remain open:
Social Distancing Requirements
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must limit the number of clients present in any given business to 33% of the occupational capacity of the facility. Employees are excluded from this 33% maximum.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must provide services and conduct business via phone or Internet to the greatest extent practicable. Any employees who are currently able to perform their job duties via telework (e.g., accounting staff) must continue to telework.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must eliminate the use of any waiting areas, provide services by appointment only and communicate by phone or text when the client may enter the shop/salon. Clients may wait outside in their cars or wait to arrive until informed that their appointment is beginning. Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure clients do not congregate in the shop/salon before or after their appointment.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure that customers are separated by at least six (6) feet from each other while receiving service unless separated by a wall or other non-porous physical barrier.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must establish controls, to the greatest extent practicable, when six (6) feet of physical distancing between customers is not feasible. This includes, for example, installation of portable or permanent non-porous physical barriers (e.g., plexiglass shields) between work stations.
• While it will not be possible for barbers/cosmetologists to remain six (6) feet away from the customers they are serving at all times, they must maintain that distance at all times from other employees and customers to the greatest extent practicable.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must, to the greatest extent practicable, modify traffic flow to minimize contacts between clients and employees.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must not allow additional persons to accompany any customer unless that customer is a dependent and requires additional assistance or oversight.

• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure employees use digital files rather than paper formats (e.g., documentation, invoices, inspections, forms, agendas) to the greatest extent practicable.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must communicate with clients and receive payments through contactless payment options (e.g., phone or Internet) to the greatest extent practicable. For those barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons that cannot use contactless payments, the business must install floor or wall decals for cashier queuing areas to demark safe waiting distances of six (6) feet.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that any paperwork can be completed electronically by using e-signature technology for signatures.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must reduce, to the greatest extent practicable, the number of employees and clients entering, exiting, or gathering at one time.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must prohibit gatherings or meetings of employees of ten (10) or more during work hours, permit employees to take breaks and lunch outside, in their office or personal workspace, or in such other areas where proper social distancing is attainable.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must discourage employees from sharing phones, desks, workstations, handhelds/wearables, or other work tools and equipment to the greatest extent practicable.
• Given the close personal interaction inherent in haircare and cosmetology, barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons should consider screening potential clients over the phone to ensure they are not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. An example of this screening is available in the Minimum Requirements document. Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons may also take temperatures of clients upon entry. Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons may refuse service to someone who is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Requirements
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure that their facilities, including workstations, common areas, breakrooms and restrooms and are properly cleaned and ventilated.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure tools are cleaned and disinfected after each use with appropriate germicide solutions.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must provide either a freshly laundered cape or an unused disposable cape for each client.

• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must provide hand sanitizer, handwashing facilities, and tissues in convenient locations to the greatest extent practicable.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure employees properly wash their hands before and after providing service to each client.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons making restrooms available must ensure restrooms frequently touched surfaces are appropriately disinfected regularly (e.g. door knobs and handles).
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure disinfecting wipes or other disinfectant are available at shared equipment.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must eliminate the use of shared magazines or other shared reading material for clients.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure cleaning and sanitation of frequently touched surfaces with appropriate disinfectants. Areas with frequently touched surfaces include chairs, doors, color mixing areas, shampoo rooms, PIN pads, and tables. Appropriate disinfectants include EPA registered household disinfectants, diluted household bleach solution, and alcohol solutions containing at least 60% alcohol.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must establish a cleaning and disinfecting process that follows CDC guidelines when any individual is identified, suspected, or confirmed COVID-19 case.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure employees sanitize their chairs and sinks (if used) between each client. Employees must also wipe their workstations and/or cash registers down with disinfectant at the end of their shift or at any time they discontinue use of their workstations and/or cash registers for a significant period of time.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must disallow clients from any direct use of retail items or products prior to sale.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must encourage clients to touch only those retail items or products they intend to buy.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure any retail items or products that are touched by clients but not purchased are set aside and cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure appropriate face coverings and other personal protective equipment (PPE) is used by employees so long as such use does not jeopardize the employees’ health or safety.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure their employees wear face masks for any interactions between clients and co-workers or while in common travel areas of the business (e.g., aisles, hallways, stock rooms, breakrooms, bathrooms, entries and exits). Employees are not required to wear face masks while alone in personal offices, more than six (6) feet away from anyone else, or if doing so would pose a serious threat to their health or safety.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure clients and other visitors (e.g., suppliers and vendors) wear face masks while on the premises. Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must make masks available for clients; however, clients may bring and use their own face mask. If clients, suppliers or vendors refuse to wear masks the barbershop/salon may refuse those individuals entrance to the facility.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must establish a policy as to whether to serve clients who do not adhere to the business’s policy on requiring masks.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure employees use gloves, along with any PPE normally used for routine job tasks, when cleaning equipment, workspaces, and high- touch areas of the business.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure gloves are available to employees engaging in high-touch activity to the greatest extent practicable provided that they do not create additional hazards while being worn.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure that employees wear gloves anytime they are touching the client’s face and that the gloves are replaced after each use.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure employees wear gloves while handling products during shipping and receiving.
Training and Safety Requirements
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must train employees to properly dispose of or disinfect PPE, inspect PPE for damage, maintain PPE, and the limitations of PPE.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must train employees to use PPE. This training includes: when to use PPE; what PPE is necessary; and how to properly put on, use, and remove PPE.

• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salon must place conspicuous signage at entrances and throughout the store alerting staff and customers to the required occupancy limits, the goal of six (6) feet of physical distance, and policy on face coverings. Signage must inform employees and clients about good hygiene and new practices.
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must, to the greatest extent practicable, implement hours where service can be safely provided to clients at higher risk for severe illness per CDC guidelines. These guidelines are available at:
• Barbers/cosmetologists/hair salons must ensure employees are informed that they may identify and communicate potential improvements and/or concerns in order to reduce potential risk of exposure at the workplace. All education and training must be communicated in the language best understood by the individual receiving the education and training. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.
[04/29/20]   Hey BLINK babes! As per the Governor I have been given the date of May 25 to re open!! I am just as excited as you!!! I will be reaching out to reschedule everyone as soon as I can. Feel free to text or call me as well! I will be updating a few things and adding protocols to be followed for future appointments. I am beyond excited and I just want all of us safe and healthy and to see your amazing faces!!!!!! If ANYTHING changes we will deal with it, for now let’s do a HAPPY DANCE!!!!
BLINK BABES!!! I miss you allllllllll 💔 this has been surreal and scary! Let’s do our part and avoid each other for a little longer. If we can do that I can come back to work and hear everything I have missed all these weeks! I miss our talks, laughs and friendships! Stay safe and healthy! And please stay home and avoid other people! I would love to come back to work! 😘😘#blinkbabes#sharethelex#togetherKY#smallbusinessowner#xtremelashes#starpilwax#bossbabe#kyesthetician#browsarelife#faithevansky @ Danville, Kentucky
Hey BLINK BABES!!! I posted a story to my instagram explaining what is going on but incase you missed it.......

My salon will be closing it’s doors tomorrow at 5 pm. This is to be safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. This is also with what the Governor has asked for. I will be closed for 2 weeks until I am told that I have to be closed longer. I am reaching out to all of my clients affected by this. I appreciate all of you! More then you can know. You all have reached out and offered so much! I am in tears with the kindness and completely blown away. Thank you all for everything.
Like I said I only plan on closing 2 weeks unless I am told I have to extend the closure. I want everyone to be safe and to stay healthy. Until I see you all again, take care and I’ll be seeing you soon 😘

Faith ❤️
I have so much love and appreciation for my clients, friends and family who have made this year amazing. I don’t have words to be honest. I am so thankful and I adore all of you. Truly from the bottom of my heart blink babes THANK YOU. I Hope you all have an amazing Holiday and amazing start to 2020! I look forward to seeing you all then. I am off from 12/23-12/30 for so much needed love ❤️ and cuddles from my family and kiddos. See you all soon and HAPPY HOLIDAYS #blinkbabes#xtremelashes#faithevansky#kyesthetician#browsarenewblack#blinklash_bbb#caligirlinky#sharethelex#smallbusiness#bossbabe#goals😘
Hey BLINK BABES! Just reminding you all that... do you. Because let’s be real there’s only ONE YOU! I am here for women supporting women and building something bigger! Just Friday night thoughts for the weekend 😘#blinkbabes#xtremelashes#browsarelife#sharethelex#faithevansky#kyesthetician#caligirlinky#skincare#comfortzone#bossbabe#browsarethenewblack#lasheswaxskincarerepeat#loveuourself#blinklash_bbb
Faith Evans at BLINK Lash Brow Beauty Bar
Faith Evans at BLINK Lash Brow Beauty Bar
Faith Evans at BLINK Lash Brow Beauty Bar
Obsessed with this amazing color change!!!! Love being a fierce feisty red head again! @hairby_megsouth 😘😘😘#blinkbabe#faithevansky#xtremelashes#kyesthetician#blinklash_bbb#redheadforlife#browsarelife#sharethelex#caligirlinky
Fill-in in process...
#lashart #lashartist #sharethelex #livelovelex #lashesforday #xtremelashes #blinklash_bbb #kyesthetician #lexky #kentucky #lexington #lexingtonesthetician #esthetician #salon #salonlife #salonsuite #lashgame #lashgamestrong #lashgameonpoint #lashesextension #lashextensions #lashstudio #lashobsessed
Soooooo it’s finally here!!!!!! I will be out of town from 6/8-6/19. I will not be responding to texts, calls or messages. Please know I appreciate all of you so much but I truly need to unplug and spend some amazing time with my family. I will get back to all of you on 6/20. With out my amazing clients I wouldn’t t be able to have this amazing vaca! Thank you for all you do and for understanding. See you all soon! Nevada/Cali here we come!!!!#xtremelashes #kyesthetician#browsarelife#blinklash_bbb#faithevansky#goingbacktowestcoast#familytime#blessed @ Lana Salon Suites
When I get asked do you love microblading? Yes! I do! That doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous.... this sweet woman had been drawing her brows on a certain way for a while. For me to change that shape and look can be overwhelming. She’s in love with her new brows (as am I 🤗). So thankful my clients have trust in me. Here to stunning Sunday! Ps- the blue went away it was from my own I use to following my mapping 🥴#browsarelife#kyesthetician#blinklash_bbb#faithevansky#sharethelex#bossbabe#drbishopdmd#loveyourself# @ M.R. Bishop DMD and Associates PSC
Ok BLINK babes.... here is my other half! He inspires me everyday to do my best! Happy BIRTHDAY! #sharethelex#kymicroblading#xtremelashes#kyesthetician#BLINKbabes#36yearsyoung#evans#honararyBLINKbabe# @ Blue Sushi Sake Grill - Summit at Fritz Farm

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