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[11/18/20]   Howdy friends!! I have some openings this friday !! Anyone want to grab one before turkey day?
An awesome lady tagged me on this!!! Its true its true!!
[10/08/20]   Yall it has been a week!!! Somehow in our move my work phone got packed!!! If you need me please use the messenger app!! I apologize for the inconvenience!!
I couldnt ask for better friends!! These 2 beautiful #extremists are always ready to let me create something new and fun!!! Thanks ladies!!! What do you guys think!!! Which is your favorite? Which would you like to try!!! Tell me below!!!!!
An oldie but a goodie... the hair that is!!! This lady is amazing and can literally rock EVERYTHING!!

The boys were so excited to help me announce the new and improved bledSOExtreme is ready to make YOU feel your very best!! I cant wait to see yall!
An oldie but a goodie!!! Ladies I'm booking for next week! May i interest you in some cotton candy like this or something a little more mellow!!! Message me!!!
I hope everyone has had a great week!!! If anyone was in need of some Rachael love, I have openings on tuesday!!! Msg me here and lets get you booked!!! Love my #extremists !
[07/21/20]   Yall!! I have openings next week!! On tuesday, thursday and saturday!!! Any takers?
[05/28/20]   Wow, dont know how it happened but i have openings all day Thursday!!! Anyone want in????

Its okay pretty ladies!!!The only people that will know are your household and the 2 of us!!!
I know how hard it may be!!! I know I am asking alot but I promise to not color or cut my hair during this if you do!! We have got this yall!!
[03/16/20]   We are open, sanitized and ready to sling some color! Anyone want an appt tomorrow??
[03/09/20]   So many openings in the next few weeks!! Lets get ready for this awesome weather together!! Color, extensions or a cut!! Msg me!!
[03/06/20]   Yall im thinking of opening up some weekdays starting next week. Does anyone need in next week?
[01/16/20]   Missing all of you!! I'm heading back to the salon this week!! Anyone need a cut or color? I have openings!!
[09/26/19]   Hey yall!! Do you love the salon? Review bledSOExtreme and Absolutely Salon!! On facebook, google and yelp!!!
[09/10/19]   Hey ladies!! I have openings this saturday!! Would anyone like one?
[08/31/19]   I have a ton of opening this week!!! Any takers?
Summer fun!!!
Ask me about my HOTHEADS EXTENSIONS!! They are amazing!! Lets get you some!!!
After an emergency trip to Delaware, we are on the road back to YOU! I have a bunch of space open this week!!! Send me amessage to grab an appt!!
SUMMERTIME!!! With one week left in school, we cant go too crazy. Part 1 of his transformation!!
[05/18/19]   Good morning Extremists!! I had a cancellation and have a 1pm opening today... any takers!
Just a heads up to all my extremist, I am on VACAY!!! Woot woot 💥🏕🏞⚓ That being said, I wont be back until next Wednesday the 15th!!! Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Give love to your moms!!
Just your run of the mill foiliage with babylights and a 3 toner overlay!!! We had fun today!!

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