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Bright balayage that transitions into a natural root is the perfect combination for effortless maintenance. #paducahsalon #paducahstylist
Friendly reminder that is you don't have an upcoming appointment booked, you might want to do that asap. October is almost booked up, and November and December are filling up fast!
If you're ready to book, please notify me by text. Its the best way to reach me for expedient responses. And, I can make sure your message doesn't get lost in the mix of multiple media platforms.
I made a tik tok! Check out @vmpetway gorgeous hair transformation! #paducahsalon #paducahhairstylist #vividhaircolor #colorcorrection
Was too busy too post yesterday, but the @starlightmovie came out yesterday!!!! This was filmed a couple of years ago in my home town of Mayfield, Kentucky. This film was thanks to the talented @oramafilmworks that had the ingenuity to take advantage of the Kentucky film incentive program, meaning it brings work, tourism money, and exposure to Kentucky. A large part of the cast and crew were flown in from out of state, but a number of us were locals. I was hired to work under the incredibly talented @sandyjojohnstonmua in the hair and makeup department. It was a tight schedule, 3 weeks of 12 to 14 hour days, 6 days a week, while I was in the process of opening my salon, and working on clients during the day. Even though I was burning the candle at both ends and adapting to the very intense world of major filming (I love my local film work, but this was a whole new experience), I wouldn't trade this time for the world! I was getting paid to train under a new hair and makeup role model, meeting and working alongside other industry professionals I wouldn't have met otherwise, streching my abilities and myself into working with new medias (like making wigs for stunt scenes, cue blood cannon) and seeing the surreal world of movie making. I love movies and combining thst with my love of hair and makeup is a dream of mine come true. No big premiereshere (thanks again COVID), but you can bet Saturday you will find me with my popcorn and Star Light on demand seeing this come to life. 📽 Link in the comments for the available platforms to watch.
So excited to see the poster for Cryptids! I had the privilege to do hair and makeup for one of the creature features. Best yet, the @joebobbriggsofficial is the star! Disclaimer: I did not work on any of the segments with Mr. Briggs, but I am stoked that some of my hair and makeup work will share the screen with him (teenage me would be so proud ❤). Check out the comments for a link to a write up by @ruemorguemag for more on this film. #cryptidsmovie #joebobbriggs #lastdrivein #hairandmakeupartist
White hot, icy blonde for these hot days of summer! The key to this blonde is toner, its vital to achieving her beautiful multi dimensional blonde!
August is booking up fast (just a few days left the last week of August), so if you need some summer color before to contact me for your appointment.
Just heard @starlightmovie will be the the opening night film at @maidenalleycinema River's Edge Film Festival November 12th! #starlightthemovie #kentuckyfilms #kentuckyhairandmakeupartist
[07/06/20]   Phone is out of commission till I can get a repair technician out to me. Please feel free to contact me via messenger or message this page. My response time may be slower, but I will try to check my computer regularly. S***Show Sometimes when I'm not in the salon I'm working on indie film competitions making gallons of blood and painting people into monsters. Warning: language, violence, and gore 😱 and other fun small film making! This is "S***Show" by AGS Productions on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
Scheduling some self care for myself, in the form of a much needed long weekend this weekend (off Friday afternoon thru Tuesday). Please keep in mind when you're planning your hair self care that August is almost filled up and September won't be far behind! I know its been hard to plan these last few months, but try to qs much as possible so you can get your hair therapy time in ❤
[06/23/20]   My dear, sweet clients, if I have been too busy or rushed to tell you how much I appreciate you, please know how grateful I am to be a part of your lives. During the shutdown, and since coming back you have continued to show me kindness, warmth, and generosity. Thank you ❤
Thank you Pauline Fitzgerald for covering salons reopening, and our efforts to protect our clients ❤
#paducahsalon #merakihouseofstyle #healthyatwork Small businesses across the nation are suffering due to COVID-19. Many have been told to shut their doors with no reopen date.
Tomorrow, May 25th, is a big day for nail and hair salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors and massage therapists across Kentucky -- they're reopening!

Hear from some local tattoo parlors and nail & hair salons tomorrow morning on Local 6 TODAY ahead of their big reopen and how they're planning on keeping you safe and healthy. Prevention is beautiful, right? ;)
Two days later and I almost have everyone in place! If I have sent you a message about an opening, please get back to me as soon as possible! There's a lot of people all wanting in and Id hate for you have to wait even longer for an appointment. If you need an appointment please contact me via text so I can keep up with your message.
Make sure your message includes your name (especially if you're new to me and I don't have your number), the type of service you're needing, and your availability (days and times during the week that work best for you). This helps me significantly expedite the process so that I can more efficiently reach everyone.
June is almost completely filled so get your July appointments in before its too late!
Let the rebooking commence! Contacts updated, new guidelines emailed, and beginning to reach out to clients. Yes, that is a glass of wine, I've earned it today 😅.
If you are needing an appointment (and we haven't already communicated about it, I keep careful lists so I haven't forgotten anyone) here's how to get it:
- contact me via text, it's much easier for me to keep up with so many requests if I'm doing it on one messaging media
- in your message please tell me what days/times are best for you, and what services you are requesting, and your email so i can send you the new guidelines
- if you have already been in contact with me about an appointment, I've added you to my list (even made a handy dandy spreadsheet to track that I'm getting to everyone), please make sure you you've sent me the above info, and that you have read the guidelines I've emailed you
I so appreciate everyone's kind words, support, and patience. Please bare with me while I work to get you in and keep up with the new changes to my industry ❤
#salonreopening #healthyatwork 1091 Lands YA Supernatural Thriller ‘Star Light’ Here's some good news; Starlight release date August 4th 2020! EXCLUSIVE: 1091 has secured all rights to Star Light, a young adult supernatural horror thriller that stars Scout Taylor-Compton (The Runaways), Cameron Johnson (Light as a Feather), Rahart Adams (…
Meraki House of Style In these uncertain times we know that your personal style has been sacrificed while we've been shutdown. We understand its frustrating and defeating and sometimes we have to result to things we said we'd never do and we get that. But if you can wait for us that would mean the world to us. And if you can't we'll be here for that too and help you with any kitchen beautician accidents that might have happened while we've all been hunkered down. Don't forget we also have gift certificates on our website available to take care of you when we reopen.
#paducahsalon #teamkentucky Liana Ramírez in 'Star Light': A New Horror Flick From Executive Producer of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Here's an interview with the multi talented Liana Kay Ramirez talking about #starlightthemovie. I had the privilege of working with her and the rest of the incredibly talented cast and crew, and I can't wait to see it! Liana Ramírez stars in the upcoming horror movie 'Star Light.' See what Ramírez had to say about working with 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' producer.
Running low on product? Dont want to get out? Let me know, my suppliers are still open at this time! I can drop it off for you (in Paducah) or leave it outside the salon if you don't want to come in. Text or direct message me with your orders.
Auburn, ginger, copper, natural red... whatever you call it, I love doing them! Hints of red, copper, and gold give this lovely lady beautiful, multi dimensional red tones.
Happy leap year! What leaps are you making this year? For some making a change in their appearance can be a huge leap, and I find always worth it. Take the leap, embrace that change, and enjoy how empowering change can be!
Part 3 of the Gray Coverage vs Gray Gray Blending talk: today is all about Gray Blending. Instead of adding color to cover the grays, gray blending is using highlights to blend the hair into the grays for effortless out growth. This process is for the client that is VERY comfortable with their grays and wants a natural look with lower maintenance. And for the client that has a high percentage of gray or comfortable with keeping their hair lighter in order to blend with the grays. Clients seeking this will still need to use professional products at home to care for their hair (purple or blue shampoo, deep conditioning, heat protection, etc.) on order to maintain this look. And discuss a maintenance plan (low maintenance doesn't mean no maintenance) like glazes, toners, deep conditioning treatments, trims, etc with their stylist to keep their natural look fresh and healthy.
Pros: effortless outgrowth with lower maintenance services that can be spaced out longer than new growth services for gray coverage. Natural look that can over time transition the client to embracing their natural color. Once the client is light enough to achieve gray blending, minimal services may be required to maintain their style, saving the client over time. No need to run to the salon every 4 weeks for color. May not have to rely on home root touch or camouflage products in between appointments.
Cons: can take time to get to that point especially if the client has darker hair naturally or from home or professional color. To get to the point of gray blending can take several sessions or a very long color correction (like Sharon Osbourne's), this can be expensive and hard on the hair if not using an at home deep conditioning regimen. More for the client with extremely gray or white hair.
Going natural or embracing your gray can be a beautiful, empowering, experience. But, like any experience it can be scary to embrace your grays. This is an involved process whether it's done over the course of sessions or in one long day of color corrections. I have lots of talks and consultations throughout this process with my clients, to check in on this transition. ❤
Gray Coverage vs Gray Blending: Part 2 Gray Coverage- this is usually taking color to completely cover the grays and any other new growth. Typically needs to be down every 4 to 6 weeks. More or less depends on the clients preferences, amount of gray, resistance, and growth rate. The client pictured here has highlights and lowlights that I use to blend her new growth gray coverage. As she has a heavy percentage of grays she usually has this done every 3 to 4 weeks to completely cover her grays. To help her combat this time frame we've recently started going gradually lighter to help her camouflage her grays in between appointments.
Pros are that the grays are completely covered till the hair grows out, new growth or root touch up services can be done in between highlight or lowlights services to stretch out the service in between. Color coverage tends to be less damaging than lightening treatments (sometimes used to achieve gray blending). Great for clients with darker natural hair or still a heavy consistency of pepper to their salt.
Cons are that new growth for those with heavy amounts of gray are seen more quickly as the hair grows. Some grays can be very resistant and can fade faster. Must be retouched at least every 4 to 6 weeks on average. Can be difficult to transition naturally to a lighter color as grays continues to lighten with time, requiring several sessions or a color correction if the client wants to embrace their natural gray (i.e. Jane Fonda or Sharon Osbourne's new do's).
Gray blending vs. Gray coverage... When working with clients that want to conceal those pesky grays I like to talk to them about how they want to achieve that. When a client uses highlights we can explore if they want gray coverage vs gray blending. This can be confusing because both technically do both things. And how often a client wants to come in, price, and how natural they want their hair to appear can all be determining factors in which application we use to camouflage those graying hair. In the next few posts I am going to cover those differences and explain their pros and cons to help you determine what's best for you.
The picture posted is an example of each, can you tell which is which?
Why toner? There are so many misconceptions about the use of toner in the salon. And I find that many clients dont know the what an asset it is to their blonde. Lightened hair (highlights, balayage, babylights, etc) very rarely lightens to the perfect tone that the client desires. Toner is used to create those cool, warm, or neutral shades to achieve the clients goals. Toner can also be added to a glaze to add shine and protect your beautiful new color. This is why I schedule extra time with new clients or even existing clients that are looking to make a color change to go over their inspiration pictures and to educate the client about their hair services.
I'll be out now thru the 10th on vacation! I'll be returning calls and messages on the 10th. See you all in a week!
This a million times!!!! If you know me, you probably know I am so impatient! I want to make everything happen right now! But, the magic happens in uncertainty and even in waiting. I believe this to be true with goals, and hair. Blondes are the prettiest after several sessions of lightening. Goals and dreams of all shapes and sizes are the sweetest as they are becoming a reality. I may have to repeat this one to myself over and over at times... trust the wait, we are all beautiful in our becoming.
How I get ready for my week; my #happyplanner , and my post its keep me organized to take care of my clients!
I'm out of the salon today for a scheduled me day, but I am taking messages and calls to get you booked! Dont forget I only have a few color openings left in the next few weeks, I'll be gone the 2nd thru the 10th, and the rest of February is booking up fast!
Wrapping up the week with a picture of this white hot blonde! Who says you have to go darker for winter?!
Are you using the right dry shampoo???
So often I find that when clients are having issues with dry shampoo one of the biggest problems is that it can make roots look gray. Two things can easily remedy this: the ds needs to be worked in thoroughly either with your fingers or a brush, or the simplest fix is to use a ds appropriate to your hair color.
Blondes can use the standard ds or an invisible, while anyone darker than a medium blonde may need either an invisible or brown shade. And you raven haired beauties need to look for black ds.
Soft root melt, transitioning into cool shades of blonde.
Two of my favorite resources: Vintage Hairstyling and hair nets! This book has been a incredible tool helping me create not only vintage styles, but incorporating classic techniques to create long lasting styles for my clients events (a.k.a. the hair nets).
Fun fact curling iron type tools date back to Egyptian times, and ancient Greeks used special muds to set their curls 💁‍♀️
Where the magic happens...
Isn't it amazing that all these little boxes of color can create a spectrum of colors to create the perfect look for clients hair goals? I love the magic of color❤
Last color correction of 2019! This is a great example of that a color correction doesn't necessarily mean that the former color is botched, or bad. Just that the clients goals are something in a completely different color family than their current color. This was achieved through #malibucpr , #olaplextreatment , and beautiful dimensional color from #joicolumishine

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