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Randy's Backstage Hair Productions

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Paintsville, KY, 41240

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[10/01/20]   Fall is in the HAIR! And so is the beautiful fall colors. Call today - 789-3232
SalonPro's Orbiting Halo is a cutting-edge multi-function infrared hair color processor and a state of the art professional-grade hair drying accelerator designed to rapidly dry hair while retaining moisture and reducing frizz.

Using the latest infrared technology, Orbiting Halo features a rotating infrared heat ring to dry hair with maximum efficiency, in up to half the time compared to using traditional methods. Simple to use digital controls offer complete control over Orbiting Halo's 7 temperature adjustment settings, timer, rotation and built-in fan which can blow hot or cool air.

This Orbiting Halo will cut your color processing time in half and your color lasts much longer and it's INCLUDED IN YOUR color service, only available at Backstage Hair Productions. Call for your appointment today. 789-3232
[04/29/20]   We will be coming back into the salon this week to start making phone calls and schedule you in the same order that you were already scheduled. If you do not hear from us in the next week, then we do not have an accurate telephone number for you so just give us a call. Thanks for your patience. We will be providing masks and doing temperature checks at the door. If you already have a mask, we would be grateful if you would just bring that and wear it to allow the ones that we are purchasing to go a little further.
[04/29/20]   MAY 25th is the big day!

With the official day just announced for us to be back in the salon. We are going to ask you all please continue to be patient with us! Randy and I work great together as a team but we are only 2 people. I know everyone wants in ASAP (Randy and myself included lol) but we will have to start exactly where we left off. We will be contacting everyone for appointments! We will be working our socks off as soon as the doors open to get everyone back to normal!! Love each of you and can’t wait to see you at Backstage!

Just wanting to keep our Backstage family in the loop of what’s going on. This is an updated letter from Ky State Board on 4/21

We will keep everyone posted of any updates when we get them. Much love, hugs and prayers to all of you! #healthyathome
[04/15/20]   If anyone needs to purchase any product, Randy will be at the salon at 4:00 today for a few minutes.
[03/30/20]   TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS: WE MISS YOU! Please be patient and this too shall pass. If you need product, PM us and we will meet you at the door with gloves on. Thank you for all your business and if you find yourself with a pair of scissors in your hand - STEP BACK, PUT THEM DOWN, AND WALK AWAY!!! lol
[03/27/20]   If anyone is in need of product, just give us a shout and we’ll meet you at the shop. Stay safe everyone.
We are blessed with the best clients!! Both Randy and I are forever grateful for each and everyone of you. We are just as ready to be back to work, as each of you are to have us back in the shop #kyhairdressers #backstagehair #kystrong
[03/18/20]   ATTENTION:

By order of the Governor, we will be closed for business effective 5:00 p.m., today - March 18, 2020. If you have an appointment, please call the salon or PM Randy or Charity to be rescheduled.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
We are open here at the salon. Although we ask that any client that is sick or that’s been in contact with anyone sick to be considerate and reschedule. We will happily get you taken care of in a timely manner. Please stay safe during this difficult time. Much love from Randy and Charity!
Another very happy BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT client! If you need to get your natural curly, wavy or frizzy hair under control before the beautiful weather comes, contact us here at Backstage!
[02/04/20]   We have a couple of openings on Wednesday and Friday if anyone needs in. Just give us a call. 789-3232
[12/17/19]   Everyone come out this week and have a bite to eat at the salon. We’d love to see you!
[11/12/19]   Come in today and see Randy or Charity and get ready for the holidays. The most fantastic colorists anywhere. 789-3232
[10/16/19]   Randy has had a two hour opening this afternoon at 1:00 if anyone needs in.
[09/17/19]   Our apologies to anyone who tried to call the salon this afternoon. Thank Suddenlink. Hopefully it will be back tomorrow. You can always message us on here and we will get right back to you.
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Such a heartfelt story. We hope each of our clients know how special they are to us #backstagehair #backstagefamily 😘 repost @alicia.the.alchemist ...

Today, I did the most sentimental blowdry yet of my career. I have been blessed to have this client for several years. When she first started coming to me, we would chat a little bit during our time together. Nothing too heavy, just about the weather and how our days were going. Fairly quickly though the verbal communication became less and less and we both enjoyed quiet relaxation time when we were together. I soon learned from her daughter that she was progressing in dementia, which made sense as to why we didn’t chat during our appointments anymore. I really look forward to our time together though. Cut and color every 4 weeks and weekly shampoo and blowouts in between. My most frequent guest. We haven’t made small talk in a few years. Eventually a caregiver started accompanying her to her appointments. My client would sit in the chair and just trust me to take care of her. No consultation needed. She just depended on me to do whatever she needed. Today, as my assistant was shampooing her hair, I was told by her caregiver that my most wonderful client wouldn’t be coming back next week. Her and her husband need more full time assistance and will be moving a few hours away to be closer to their kids. It hit me hard. It hit me even harder when I heard that my client didn’t know that this would be her last appointment with me and that we weren’t going to tell her so that she wouldn’t get sad. I understood. Dementia is complicated and upsetting. But let me tell you, I couldn’t help but cry as I blowdried her hair for the last time. My client keeps her eyes closed during the blowdry as she relaxes so I knew she wouldn’t see my tears, and I turned my chair so no one else in the busy salon would see either. But I privately cried as I gave her the best blowdry I could provide for the last time. I made sure to pull myself together before I turned the blowdryer off which would signal her to open her eyes. I had to blowdry my last section for a while because of that. When I glanced at her in the mirror as I blowdried she sat there peacefully, eyes closed, with a soft smile on her face. I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her and that I would miss our peaceful visits together. I wanted to wish her the best, but instead I just said “I’ll see you soon!” And I went to the break room and let it all out. I cried so much. And as I told my salon team why I was crying I could see the understanding in their eyes because they have felt the same way about their clients. One of the stylists expressed it perfectly when she said, “And people think we JUST do hair.” ⁣⁣
If you are a client of mine currently or have been in the past, please know that the connections I have made with you mean more to me than I can say. It’s not about hair. I appreciate you and love you all, thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.⁣⁣
•I originally posted this one year ago today. I still think about this guest often and am so so grateful for the impact that she and this experience had on me.
[07/15/19]   Randy’s whole morning just came open for Wednesday if anyone needs in. Give him a call. 789-3232
Beauty Launchpad The struggle is real 📸 @hairbycharlotte.phs shares an important aspect to remind your clients: Their hair will look differently in different types of lighting! Read below for her post ⤵️ But as @andrewdoeshair commented on her post, which I thought worthy of also being shared here: ”Get a neutral grey card for $6 from Amazon and use it to set the white balance on your phone camera using an app like Adobe Lightroom. It’ll make every light look accurate to reality through your camera.” 🙌

The above photos are all of my hair on the same day, in different lighting. None of them have been filtered or altered in any way. The only difference is the type of lighting I was standing in to take the photo. ✨
The first 3 photos were taken at home when it was still dark outside (you can see I’m still wearing my dressing gown! 🧖🏼‍♀️), to show the affect of a dim bedroom light, a bright kitchen light and a warm bathroom light. ✨
The 4th photo was taken in my car in natural lighting once the sun had come up. The next 3 were taken in different areas of the salon and the last one outside in the direct sunlight. ✨
My hair looks a different tone of blonde in each photo, but I have not done anything to enhance these results or altered the photos - I only walked from one type of lighting to another. ✨
Lighting has such a huge impact on hair colour. Just because a photo on Instagram looks a certain way on our phones, it doesn’t mean that person’s hair looks like that once they step outside; or sit in their car; or look in their bathroom mirror. ✨
I would consider myself a golden blonde but my hair can look darker or platinum or even slightly peachy depending on which photo you look at - all because of light!
Try it with your hair and see what results you get! 📷💡☀️💁🏼‍♀️
[06/17/19]   Couple of afternoon cancellations tomorrow. If anybody needs in, give us a holler. 789-3232
[06/10/19]   Randy has had a last-minute color cancellation for Wednesday afternoon if anyone needs in. Just give us a call 789-3232.
[05/28/19]   Randy has had a last minute color cancellation for 11 Am tomorrow if anyone needs in. 789-3232
[05/22/19]   Randy has had a last-minute cancellation this morning if anyone needs to come in for a cut or color. Just give him a call at 789-3232.
[05/09/19]   Randy has had a last-minute cancellation this morning if anyone needs color or cut. Give him a call 789-3232.
[05/08/19]   Come in and get your new spring color or cut. We’ve got just what you need. 789-3232.
[05/01/19]   Randy has had a cancellation for tomorrow at 2 o’clock, if anyone needs color. Give him a call 789-3232
[04/30/19]   We have a couple of color openings this week if anybody needs in. Get your spring and summer highlights and low lights today.
[04/29/19]   Randy has had a last-minute cancellation for tomorrow at noon if anyone would like color or cut. Give us a call 789-3232.

Its almost time for warmer weather when that new cut and color will be explosive. Let us make you look fabulous! Also - remember - we are your source for CBD Oil. It relieves anxiety, stress, relieves joint pain, promotes better sleep, focus and clarity. Come see us today.
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[03/20/19]   For the best cut or color EVER - come see us. 789-3232
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