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#trendsbyjen #icyhairdontcare
Had such fun creating Anne’s new look. Fresh hilights and a bit of magic 😉 #trendsbyjen

#trendsbyjen #shorthaircuts
Gave Libby a fresh new trim and color and it’s giving me some major autumn vibes. Beautiful 🍂 #trendsbyjen #autumnhair #joicocolor
8 a.m. and Johnna Beth. Have I mentioned I love my clients?🖤 No I’ve not opened it..yet 😂
Fun mother/daughter day with these two! Y’all I LOVE my job.
How perfect is Taylor’s fresh blonde and lowlight? I do have the best clients🖤 #trendsbyjen #myclientsarethebest #joicocolor
Sad but true. 🤚🏼🤣 Dear Clients ...
Look at Kylee’s lovely before and after. ♥️ #trendsbyjen #fallisinthehair🍁🍂✂️
Let’s talk lighting. Same head of hair and picture taken literally 5 seconds apart. Lighting changes everything so we must be realistic with our hair goal. Thanks Liz for always being my canvas. ♥️ #trendsbyjen #lightingmakesadifference
If this isn’t the truth.. Great practices 🖤
That smile says it all! #trendsbyjen #fallisinthehair🍁🍂✂️
Lesli looks beautiful. Fresh color and subtle highlights make for a perfect fall look. #trendsbyjen #fallisinthehair🍂🍃🍁❤️✂️
We have some car decals available to help support #jimsjourney . We are not selling them but asking for a “donation” if you would like one. The support of our friends and family has been overwhelming and I know how much Liv appreciates it. The donations will be going directly to Jim and the Melanoma Know More foundation. Please let us know if you would like one 🖤
Finally got my hands on Kelly’s hair again and this new color certainly didn’t disappoint. Love it! #trendsbyjen #ifonlyshewouldsitstill
Spiced up Calyn’s look with some highlights and a bit of quartz pink for dimension. Love how this turned out! #fallisinthehair🍂🍃🍁❤️✂️ #trendsbyjen #honeybadgerdontcare
Sydney’s first highlights. Isn’t she lovely♥️ #trendsbyjen #fallisinthehair🍁🍂✂️
Madi’s fresh highlights! #trendsbyjen @ Trends By Jen
From blonde to brunette and I love it! Thanks Cameron😊 #trendsbyjen
Couldn’t let those beautiful dresses go to waste. ♥️🖤
Took Tori from a fun ombré to a beautiful chocolate brown. I’m obsessed with this color. #trendsbyjen #myclientsarebetterthanyours
Red hair’s more than a’s a lifestyle 🔥 #trendsbyjen
Always be true to YOU 🖤 Happy Thursday!
Friday full of color. Such a blast when Emma is my canvas. #trendsbyjen #joicocolor #redhairdontcare💋
Today has been the funnest! Shandale wanted a pop of violet and I had fun delivering! #bestclientsever #trendsbyjen
Check out Mackenzie’s beautiful highlights! #trendsbyjen #beachready #blondehighlights
Added some blonde to Cicely’s gorgeous locks. Definitely summer ready 🌞 #trendsbyjen
Calyn’s cut and color is perfection! Love this girl so big 🦋🖤 #trendsbyjen #honeybadgerdontcare #blondehighlights
So happy to see Lauren today! #trendsbyjen #nomorequarantinehair✂️ #bestclientsever
Halle’s before and after. What a difference some color and a cut can make! Love this look💕 #trendsbyjen #nomorequarantinehair✂️
SO happy to finally see Kahli today! Her fresh hilights look beautiful!#nomorequarantinehair✂️ #trendsbyjen
We hit the jackpot! Please know we are keeping the salon clean and sanitized not just daily but after every client! This week has been so fun and so happy to see all of you. So grateful for each of you 🖤
Red has been on fire this week! Thanks Stacey😘 #trendsbyjen #redhairdontcare🔥
Look at this lil beauty I had the privilege of blonding up today! Thank you Jayden♥️ #trendsbyjen #nomorequarantinehair

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